We offer a variety of business loans to help you get the financing you need.

Entrepreneurs seeking to kickstart or expand their businesses recognize the vital role that business loans play in achieving their goals. At Rudraksha Finance, we’ve continually innovated our range of financial products to cater specifically to businesses in need of funds. Our small business loan, tailored for small and medium enterprises, addresses capital requirements comprehensively. This MSME business loan offers quick funds, empowering you to grow your business by investing in crucial aspects such as infrastructure, machinery, operations, advertising, and marketing.

For new businesses, Rudraksha Finance’s online business loan is the ideal source of capital, supporting diverse business needs. Our attractive and affordable business loan interest rates ensure that you don’t have to compromise on essential expenses. Backed by extensive market research, our instant business loan process is meticulously tailored to be recognized as the best business loan in India.

Leap succeeded by applying for an instant business loan from Rudraksha Finance today. Watch your business ascend to new heights with the support and financial flexibility required for sustained growth.

Documents Required for a Business Loan

  • KYC documents – Identity proof and address proof of the borrower and all co-borrowers.
  • PAN Card of the borrower and all co-borrowers.
  • Last 6 months’ bank statement of main operative business account (12 months preferable to avail maximum loan amount).
  • Signed copy of standard terms (term loan facility).
  • Additional document(s) may be required for credit assessment and processing of loan requests.

Business Loan Eligibility

  • Age: 21-60 years.
  • Business vintage: At least 3 years.
  • Work status: Self-employed.
  • Civil: A minimum civil score of 685 is required.

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